fmx: Let’s talk to Saraswathi Vani Balgam

There are certainly simpler CVs. Vani’s is more complex. The very fact that she was born a woman in India is a disadvantage. She is not allowed to study, but luckily her parents are liberal and don’t stop her. She wants to make films. She will learn and she will turn self-taught learning into art. Not much stops her from her dreams and desires. She is cheerful, ambitious and incredibly modern. Because she knows what it means to talk about lifelong learning. It is not only about specialised knowledge, it is above all about recognising one’s own strengths and weaknesses and working with precisely this capital. It is important to recognise both, the low points and the successes, it is important to read something out of everything, not just the successes. Because every low blow, we learn, is also an opportunity to look closely and learn. That, incidentally, is the basis of learning. Mistakes bring knowledge and experience. That’s what makes her independent and that’s what this interview is about.

Thank you so much for your time and your experiences. It was such an experience to be interviewing you at the fmx in Stuttgart. You are very inspiring.

Post von Miklos Bajus, Luiza Noemi Bogya and Karen Reilly.

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